Australian Vocational Education Consultants


Although we have clients in every State in Australia, we are New South Wales & Queensland based, Australian owned and operated company providing a wide range of training and education services, program package resources, advice, support and hands-on guidance to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and related businesses in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors.

AVEC are specialist RTO and CRICOS consultants and work closely with our parent company National RTO Consultants  

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We also offer a broad range of introductory, start-up services and strategies for those organisations who may be considering establishing a nationally recognised training organisation (RTO) and we provide extensive advice and information for those organisations looking to design and deliver their own, in house qualifications to staff and clients.

AVEC was established to provide support and assistance to the VET sector, setting up new RTOs, assisting existing RTOs and developing vocational education and training professionals.

We are a member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD), and our RTO consultants are experienced professionals who provide RTO compliance help, RTO advice and management services to meet your new and existing RTO management requirements.

Starting an RTO is not easy. It seems to be meant to be reasonably difficult, perhaps to ensure only the best quality entrants are in this industry. If you have the skills to train or the business imperative to run an RTO, here is some information to get you started, however, if you want help, it will cost you nothing for your initial consultation. Call AVEC or send an email to info@avec.net.au and one of our senior consultants will respond without obligation.